Feb. 5th, 2011

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Ok, so that may not usually be the case. I try to help anyone and everyone I can. I always have..but, as a friend and I used to argue about, I know or have a tendency to know, where and when my limit on being able to help is.

This is not one of those "bad" cases.

See, I'm trying to help Crys. After years of a system that tends to beat us down, and cause us to not believe that we can achieve dreams and goals, she has finally broken out of some of that..and is attempting to put together a CD.

Using Kickstarter (A site to raise donations for projects and such..quite ingenious, and I've bookmarked them for future use), she has put up what she needs, monetarily, to get this project going.

She started it a month ago...and the total is $500.

A few days ago, the project hit $265...halfway there, and the project expires on April 6th. She has to have the money in there by then.


If you want, there are links on that page to VERY rough recordings of songs that she is planning on putting on the album. There are differing levels of donation (A very nice touch), that receive different things...like signed copies, copy of the CD...

If anyone can donate, then thank you. Even a dollar...all is appreciated, all leads toward the goal.

HOWEVER, another wonderful thing that can be done...if, like others, times are rough financially, and you can't justify putting in a whole lot...if you can help us find a way to spread the word. I've been posting on Facebook...and this is my first attempt to post here. We are trying to make this go viral in a sense...and you never know who on your friends page might go "Ok, you know what? I've got $5, and this is a good cause". So, money is good...but getting the word out is just as important.

I may post a few updates about this, but I promise not to spam my friends list with it. :-)

Again, the site for the project is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/109695296/how-to-be-a-superhero-album

And thank you for reading this. :-)


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