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So, after a long hiatus, I'm working on posting a little more frequently than once a quarter. :-)

Am working on a mission statement and vision statement, and list of competitors, for my 499 class.

As a friend mentioned in my previous post, I hadn't really stated what happened last semester...well, in some respects, I took the cowards way out, and dropped my team. Wasn't optimal, but I still think it was the best decision...especially considering I developed a Bell's Palsy later last semester (It went away after a few weeks, now I'm paying the hospital

So, classes ARE going well this semester.

This weekend, I'm House/Kid sitting for friends. All is good and well on that front.

Am a tad bit tired...playing FFIV on the Nintendo DS, reading through my school text...been listening to lectures about Music in Film. Not a whole lot more than that.

A friend had to put her cat down today...much like a friends dog not too long ago, I find myself rather sad about that. Part of why I've not wanted a pet in a long time (Well, that and bad stuff that happened to my previous cat, as I left him with others who were going to take care of him...didn't end well), but will admit I have two cats now. Both are wonderful, but I know I'll lose them eventually. Tis life.

Might go Meme hunting later (and, was wanting to replace that first e with an I...Mime Hunt!), to see if any of that kickstarts me into posting.

All I've got at this moment. Back to reading.
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