Jan. 28th, 2011 06:23 pm
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Forgot to add. No longer eating at one of my favorite restaurants...

Hadn't in quite a while, as this news has been building for a bit, but with Chick-Fil-A's contributions to Focus on the Family, I am no longer comfortable allowing any of my money to go to such a group.

I know that there will be calls of "But, that's up to individual franchises..", which may or may not be fair.

But, with a company that closes on Sunday due to its owners feelings on the Bible (again, no complaint there...he can do as he wishes), it's no surprise that they use their money to donate to groups that have decided that a group of society shouldn't have fair and equal rights.

HOWEVER, just as it is their or his right to do with his money what he wants, to support the causes he feels he "Must", it is mine to do similar. AND, to make sure that others are aware. That they understand that I'm not making a decision quickly, but have reasoned it out, and made the decision that best suites me. And will gather more information at it comes in.

This...this position of putting a group of people down...this is the main reason I have against marriage in any form right now. If ANY friends of mine cannot be married, then why should I have that "privilege". I mean, yes, Marriage is SUPPOSED to be a "RIGHT", but if we can deny it to a group, ON RELIGIOUS GROUNDS, then it's not a right, it's a privilege. No different than when, WAY back when, "Blacks" and "Whites" shouldn't have been able to be married. Thank PLG (Or FSM, or Loki, or whomever) that we grew up out of that one...

And, now that I know this about one of my favorite places for breakfast, I can no longer support that.

I'll miss the breakfasts...but I enjoy my conscience and peace of mind more.

I mean, what the hell...we have to find some reason, ANY reason, to ostracize and belittle those we don't understand? Why? And why is understanding a big deal? Seriously, people find what works for them...in any sense of the word. For some, religion provides a path to better understanding of people, and some guidelines on how to live their life. Awesome. For others, they get it from books...I know some who feel that the religious dictates in Stranger in a Strange Land are the closest to Deity they can find. Again, they find something that works with a core piece of their being. AWESOME. For others, snippets from movies, or music, do similar (Listen to me for 10 minutes on ANY bit of my shared theology from Dr. Who, or Star Wars, Starman, Star Trek). Again, AWESOME. MOST of those, most of the good, and successful ones, have a tenet of respect for what others believe (EVEN if you don't agree with it, or ESPECIALLY if you don't agree with it) and "Harm none". Which, interestingly, strikes back to another belief system that most don't want to talk about...

Now...what will be even more interesting...there is a Chick-Fil-A in the campus center of my school. A school that promotes diversity, and HAS an LGBT chapter....I sent an e-mail to the head of that chapter, and was told that there is going to be a meeting to look over the contracts, and look at CFA's social contribution...and was asked if I was interested in being at that meeting.

I'll be going. Dunno if any good will come of it (The activist in me is WAY too jaded after years of seeing people find new creative ways to fuck each other over), but I will be there.

And, I'll be recording it, via audio at least. :-) Spider Jerusalem taught me many things.

So, yeah...Who'd have thought that, in my final year as an actual "Non-Traditional" student, that I'd have found something that is always spoken of in regards to traditional students..that of student activism. I'm broke, and have no real hope that I can make a change, and find myself fighting paralyzing fear in regards to my future...but, as I said elsewhere..I can certainly, with my years of wisdom, point a spotlight to those who WILL make a change..even if it takes time. I can think of many worse ways to spend my time.
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