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to Scuffyboo.

For those not aware, my mother. :-)

I've learned about family, and how family SHOULD be, from my family. And I've learned a fair bit about what to tackle, and what to let go of, from watching my Mother deal with the world. Both the things that one must tackle as a family, but also the things that are, unfortunately at times, out of our control, and therefore shouldn't be worried about.

I was very lucky to grow up in a home where both parents were there, and even at the greatest moments of teenage rebellion/angst, showed that they loved me. No, they didn't agree with all that I did, but they helped me learn as a child, and have helped me learn even as an adult. And, helped teach me that even though there is a lot of chaos out there, how family is supposed to be.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you. :-)
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So, I've been chatting about the Lost finale, and the show as a whole.

I've been watching this show since shortly after it started...and had to be sort of dragged into it. There was the "Oh, it's a niche show, and on ABC, which means that it has only slightly better chances of surviving its first season than if it were on Fox". But, once I started, I was hooked.

It's been a great ride...puzzling out what was happening, and when...the surprises, the "WOO HOO" moments...the moments that had me tearing up (and there have been a few of those).

When Lost started, I was working as a computer tech, had my own apartment..and life wasn't "GREAT", but it was moving. And since then I lost (heh) that job, have moved twice (or three times technically), and have almost earned my Bachelor's degree. And a lot of other things have happened in there, good and bad.

It will be rough to see the show go off the air, but love it or hate it, it's embedded itself into the psyche.

So, what I will do, behind the cut (in case of potential spoilers, so if you click, be warned), is list many of the moments that have hit me from the show. Feel free to add your own in comments. I TRIED to say "Ok, top 3", and realized there was no way in hell.

Spoiler Alert )


May. 17th, 2010 09:47 pm
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No, not mentally. :-P

This weekend is the series finale of "Lost", and I'm trying to plan a few things for when we get together with friends to watch it.

Fried Chicken is a must (thanks to Hurley in the show)
I've got labels I can print, for "Apollo" bars (Chocolate, think Nestle Crunch), which means I need to go buy a bunch of Nestle....I can print out Dharma labels for soda, or water...

But, I'm trying to think of what else, that is food related to the show, to do for this. I mean, we could always for dinner do something pork related.. :-)

So, to those out there, either Lost Fans, foodies, or both, any suggestions?


May. 10th, 2010 01:24 am
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Today, went down to Mom and Dad's for Mother's Day, and for a gift for Mom, my sister and niece had opted to help clean out my old bedroom (there's still stuff of mine down there, but also stuff of Mom's that's in the room).

So, figured I should help, and make that Mother's Day as well...and, it was a little weird. I've got a LOT of stuff that I haven't moved yet...we haven't really got the room to put it all here..not without me least three more bookshelves about the size of my BIG bookshelf. Having scavenged a smaller bookshelf from people who were moving, I finally found room to put some of my comic trade paperbacks up...

Still, going through old photos, like Vegas, and my senior pics..and books (Stephen Kings have still not made it up), I just was reminded why I don't go through a lot of that.

Memories are good..memories of good times with friends are also good. However, there's a lot of...just simple angst with so much of that. Friends who thought I could solve their life problems, without realizing that I had my own drama and chaos to deal with. My own issues, or subscriptions, as the case may be. And people in the past who hold me responsible for things both of my own fault, and not of my own.

I've gone through here before, ranting, and raving, about not being responsible for anyone but myself. That the people who have been pissed at me before, were really pissed because I wouldn't magically make their problems go away, or that I couldn't just wave my hands, and be someone for them that they needed...never minding that I am me. Flaws, fuck ups, and all. No, I don't make mistakes every waking minute, but like every other person I know, I make them. Not all the time, maybe not even half the time, but often enough that people really shouldn't count on ME to fix their lives, if I were even wanting to.

Because, I subscribe to the Reverend Scott philosophy...and if you don't know that one, I highly recommend you watch the 70s version of "The Poseidon Adventure", and pay CLOSE attention to Gene Hackman's character.

Because, doesn't matter that you attempt something and fail. That has happened/is happening, will happen to all of us. What matters is that you FUCKING TRY. Yeah, things may not go as you hope, or plan..but, you have to become the instrument of change in your own have to be actively involved in your own salvation/restoration/whatever you wish to call it. Sitting back and bitching will make you feel a little better in the meantime, but it does dick all to fix the problem. And really, if you aren't trying to fix the problem, what ARE you trying to do? Hope it magically goes away? Holding out for a Hero? (Yes, I do movie

Several years ago, I didn't like my life a whole lot..I liked pieces of it, but I really was just coasting through it. Sometimes, I fear I'm still doing the same. The way I think I'm not? Is by getting a VERY expensive piece of paper. I have no real idea if there is something for me out there, with my career goals, and my hopes for the future. And, it could all come crashing down. I mean, if the last career I tried failed to work out, why shouldn't anything I do in the future, right?

Psych class, over a year ago, had a term for that. Learned helplessness. And it's one of the biggest pains to deal with. People conditioned to think that "This is the best it can get", or always looking for how it can turn bad.

Yeah, what I'm doing may not work out. But if it doesn't, I'll adapt...I'll change my plan, somehow. I'll keep living to what I've been calling Parkour Mentis, and maybe stumble along the way, but not stop trying at least.

So far, scholastically, I've not failed a single course. Not even Statistics, which had me worried as hell this last semester. I'm looking at having attained a Certificate in my major, and a Bachelors Degree, within 4 and a half years, but truly, within my first semester was one class, while I was trying to figure out how to keep my life going...a life I really didn't want to see fall away. But, it did. And I rebuilt. Much like the core of knock me down, I try to build up stronger. Do it again, and we'll both be repeating til eternity.

I guess, the point of this LONG don't give up. Don't let "them" win..and by them, I mean everyone who has given up on life..who think that life happens TO them, instead of life being what you make of it. And always, always realize that, if life sucks? You can change it. Yeah, it's big, and it's fucking scary as hell, but what is the alternative? Packing it in, and giving up? Constantly being one of those people who bitches about their life, but never does anything about it?

:-) Go for it...Fly. We all can do it...yeah, you may singe your wings when you get too close to the sun..but, at least make the effort. I guarantee..if you singe your wings, and fall a bit, you'll have someone to help you slow the descent...and figure where to go from there.

Just don't expect them to be there, or stick around, if you aren't willing to do the work yourself.

Enough meanderings for now...enjoy, and I'll be back, sometime.
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Spring Break is over. Woohoo. :-) Working on a presentation on Attrition for a law class.

Am freaking a tad. the good news is that Crystal started her new job today. The bad? I'm running numbers...we have approximately 830 bucks...450 of that will go to rent on the 1st. Then after that comes both insurance and phone.

Crys' first check should come within 2 or 3 weeks..I think 3 at the most. So trying to figure how we do this is...rough. I finally just asked family for cash for my birthday, to keep us moving forward. I'll make it up to myself sometime. Hell, technically the Degree is that, to some degree at least.

Her family is crazy..and shit just keeps coming up with them. Still, I should be happy that it's not as bad as when her brother would pull shit on her while I was in the middle of finals and she had other things to worry about. Gotta love that great sense of timing. :-P But yeah, that chaos and drama is still happening to a greater or lesser degree. And really, it's stupid little piddly bullshit things. Given the fact that her family seems to not give a shit what they do to her, and only seem to be able to think of themselves, I'm kind of amazed she's not written them off. But, she cares. That's not necessarily good, or bad, it just means precaution needs to be taken. I will admit, she has one brother who is actually a good guy..and quite worth a damn. Kinda makes up for the tool.

Ramen stir-fry two days in a row. And Ramen works better than Cup O' Noodles. ;-) This week feels SO packed. Presentation tomorrow, papers due by end of week (Stats homework, and a case study for Global Tourism), and I need to schedule my classes tomorrow. The good? This will be the last time I do this for a good, long while (if I ever go back to school after this, we'll see). Summer, and Fall..and that's it. The good about the presentation tomorrow? It gets it out of the way..these presentations are going to be going til the end of the semester..and tomorrow is the first day to do them. I wanted mine out of the way.

Had a good friend offer to pay for Crys and I to go to Marcon this year...unfortunately, that's end of May..I don't know if we'll be able to go, but he offered us admission, and crash space at his house. Tis kinda nice to have friends like that. I'd still love to figure out how to make it to SDCC. Maybe...we'll see.

And that's it for now. If anyone wants to give me winning powerball numbers (I don't need 20 million...I think I could make everything balance for a lot less than that), send em my way. I'm still amused that I've never pimped my Paypal account for donations least, not that I can recall. Then again, I may go looking for One Red Paperclip. ;-)

Have a great day.
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Yeah, I should never have that as a subject line. :-P

Just wanted to to watch Zombieland yesterday. I must own this movie, and if you like some of the comedic Zombie films, WATCH IT!

That is all. :-)


Mar. 14th, 2010 12:23 am
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There are many things I don't understand. Don't get me wrong, there's quite a bit that I believe I understand (or at least can acknowledge that my understanding is just that...Mine.)

One of the many things I do not...idolization of the "past"

Generally, I've seen it happen with relationships, and I've even done it a few times. The idea that things suck now, or that they aren't as happy or optimal as they could be. And that somewhere, somehow, in the past, things were better. Better than now at least.

That tends to be ludicrous. Not just in the way that it makes damn sure you aren't paying attention to your life now, but in that it completely negates any learning you may have done in the past...

I've been in quite a few relationships. And I guess the main thing about thinking about those is that they were as any relationship is now. Good, and bad. Would I go back and magically change my life to make sure I was with someone in the past? No. Would I change any element of my past? No. Why?

Because that doesn't change anything. There are no do overs. And by putting on rose-colored glasses and saying "Oh, well, that didn't happen...things really were better then" or even worse "That was all my fault", I'm cheating myself. I'm cheating myself of all I learned by going through the bad.

Would I go back to any of my ex's, thinking they had magically changed and grown? No. They may have changed...and honestly, a few of them have changed for the better. But, a majority have not. I'm quite sure I've still got at least a few out there who are hellbent that I'm the worst thing that ever happened to them. Of course, I can look back (with that wonderful 20/20 vision that I'm kinda railing against in this note) and say that they really never were going to choose to fix their own lives. It was always someone else's fault that their life was as fucked up as it was. Their parents...their friends, their lovers. And that removes all sense of responsibility for where they are, or where they are going.

I flat out admit, I've fucked things up in the past. I'll fuck things up in the future. But, by dwelling on the past, and romanticizing it, that means I'm not paying attention to my life now. And that's the point where I'm shooting myself in the foot.

I miss elements of my life. I have no idea what would have happened if I'd gone right, instead of turning left (my Dr. Who friends will get that), but for better or worse, this is my life. I make the decisions. And letting people who weren't the best for me in the past have control over my present and future..that don't fly.

I guess I see life as being actively have to participate to make your life better. I've got two friends that I know of right now who are striving to make their lives better. And I feel quite honored to be watching them do that. And offering my viewpoints when asked. And to see people who just prefer to bitch and moan that their life was so much better "when"...that's a little irritating.

I guess the question would be "Well, what are you doing that's all so different now to make your life better?" And if you aren't doing anything but bitching...STFU, and get out of my sight.

I'm over here...trying (and sometimes failing) to make my life better. Deal with it.


Mar. 7th, 2010 09:19 pm
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"Where were you when I was burned and broken
While the days slipped by from my window watching
Where were you when I was hurt and I was helpless"

So, today, Crys and I opted to go to Petco...we needed to grab a Feliway refill, and while over there, decided to window shop at Best Buy.

Walked in, and Crys opted to leave me at BR Discs, while she went to look for a headset for her phone..and as she walked away, I heard the above lyrics.

For those who don't know, there once was a time when I would play Pink Floyd, typically to cause a major emotional response. In the last several years, I've come to the point where I can listen to PF without having a breakdown..without really getting upset. And the one time I've had a bad reaction happened to be at this same Best Buy. Maybe a year ago, I had the idea that I was actually a lot better, so I sat down on the couch in front of the PF concert that was playing (That would be Pulse, which ties to 1994, and the Division Bell tour), being quite cocky. I got to see that concert with my best friend Randy, Angela, and if I recall, her brother. It was a great show, one of those moments that gets etched in your mind. Most here know about my ordeal dealing with what happened to Randy a few months later. I've gone on about it in various writing venues, and with a great number of supportive friends. That gives a little narrative on why PF can have that effect on me, and why a dear friend used to want to smack me for even coming close to listening to PF. So that time, on the couch at Best Buy, within seconds, I started to freak out a bit. Eyes tearing up, breathing shallow...and realized that no, apparently though I can watch that SAME DVD at home, there on a comfy couch at Best Buy, in full surround, was not the proper venue.

So, today, I heard "Coming Back to Life", and noticed I was having an almost immediate reaction. Brain swirly, eyes tearing just a fraction..but enough to know that I needed to finish quickly, but could remain in control. But it also seemed completely irrational to me..why was this hitting out of nowhere? Isn't there a point where, even after 15 (almost 16) years that the trauma edges off a little? And I remember thinking "It's ok, it's not like they are playing 'High Hopes'...I should be ok a little longer, enough to collect my wits, and get out of here without betraying my cool exterior".

While scanning the next rack, I hear a familiar intro..and the lyrics...

"beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young
In a world of magnets and miracles
our thoughts strayed constantly and without boundary
The ringing of the division bell had begin"

Breathing quickened...memory flashes started hitting quick enough that I wasn't dropping on the spot, but slow enough that I still thought "Ok, you can deal with this..." Made it to comedy, and changed my mind. I had to get the fuck out of there, immediately. Went searching for Crys...found her a few minutes (amazing how minutes can seem like hours) and plaintively asked if we could please leave now. She asked what was wrong, and I couldn't really verbalize more than "Music", while my eyes lightly misted. We walked to checkout, but no matter where I was in the store, I could hear over the background noise, the lyrics continuing. Did the appropriate "We found everything fine, thanks" at the register, while my brain was saying "Enough pleasantries, can I please just get the fuck out, NOW??".

Made it outside, leaned against a pillar outside, and breathed. And managed to get myself back out of control...after a bit.

I believe that part of the cause has been that I've been tired...stressed...and also going through old pictures, finding ones to post on Facebook...and that has created a little bit of melancholy nostalgia, times with friends...times I thought would last, well, if not forever, then a long ass time. That on top of feeling like too many things are out of my control resulted in my brain wanting me to shut down. Don't misunderstand..I like the path I'm on, but I also really loved damn near everything that has happened to me in the past. Good and bad. It was a life..or several different lives, if you go under the theory that we reinvent ourselves every few years.

I mean, anymore, I've gotten to the point where I can listen to PF without having that heart-stopping panic/grief...and actually have gotten to where I enjoy the music again. Hell, I am kind of hoping to see Pink Floyd Rock Band at some point. :-) But, apparently, when I'm already tired, and have the first inkling that I'm going to have anything resembling a stress flashback, or PTSD, I should get out immediately. I feel a lot better now that several hours have passed, but wow, I'm almost scared to go back. At least for a little bit.

Lesson learned.
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For just a few days, I want the endless cycle of OMGDRAMAS to stop. Even just for a little bit. At this rate, the drama has been pretty non stop, as of tomorrow, for a week.

I'll go into details, hopefully, at some point, but some idiot peoples got caught in idiot dramas, and instead of looking at where blame should be placed, are trying to place it anywhere else.

Wow. Go figure, there's a shocker, people dislike being responsible for their own actions.

I know that at this late an age, I really shouldn't be surprised, but it still surprises me.

I want my weekend to be nice, and full of as little chaos and drama and disorder as possible. Somehow, given the tone of the last week, I doubt that.

It'd be nice if people owned up to their mistakes, too, but much like World Peace, I won't hold my breath.


Feb. 27th, 2010 09:35 am
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I'm so thankful that my family is sane. Quirky as hell, but when you break it down, Sane. Not to say we don't have depressions, or concerns that can turn into semi-manias, but when you break it down, we have that connection of giving a damn about what our family is going through, but also give a damn about the people around us, and in many cases, the world at large.

Similarly, I'm thankful for all my friends, both those I see on a regular basis, or those I haven't seen in years. I have a tendency to surround myself with people that feel similarly. That this world may be a shitty place at times, but WE do our best to try to help others survive it, and to keep moving forward.

I guess that is a key piece in my psychology..yeah, there have been points where I don't like looking ahead...the trappings tend to mire me in whatever chaos or drama is happening at present, but with all the crap I've gone through, and the worse crap that I've seen others go through, the common denominator is that people strive to have a better life. Giving up is....a horrifying waste.

So, if you're reading this..whether we have seen each other a few days ago, or maybe not even for years, realize that I'm thankful you're in my life. And that you all have helped me. Try not to let the crap get you down too much, and realize that if you look, there are hundreds...thousands...tens of thousands, who are dealing with similar crap, and that sometimes all that's needed is an ear, or a kind word of sympathy. Not sympathy that is hollow, but genuine "I'm sorry this is happening to you".

You'd be amazed at the hurdles that can help people get through.
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As normal anymore, I have very little to report. The biggest news of the last week is that I apparently made the Dean's List for last semester. Dunno if I can do it again, but it was a nice little thing to realize.

Still trying to come up with plans for after college...amongst paying loans back, and trying to figure out things like Small Business loans (did I mention I'm plotting, and have a few ideas on what I want to do?), it makes things hard to figure out at times. And if I think too long on it, it'll shut my brain down, to where the only thing I can do is play a few online games.

I'm tired of school...and REALLY wish I'd done college after High School...the rationale is that I got a job after high school and that started paying my bills...and it just went from there. Attempting to do better, be happier, all that.

And there were times good, and times bad. *shrugs* Much like all of life, really.

So, for now, all I do is continue on...I'll be out of school soon...and it seems a hell of a lot quicker than it would have 4 years ago. Today was interesting...a class with a presentation by a local businessman, and a video about the Burning Man festival...which I need to investigate more of.

At this point, looking at finances, I'm REALLY unsure that I'll be able to make it to San Diego Comic Con this year. Hell, if I had surplus cash, the first thing I need to do is pay back a few friends I've owed for a while...then again, I did have a local friend who had offered help in getting to SDCC this, who knows, I may be able to make it after all.

I'm going to TRY to update here more's just...stopping and putting thoughts to page/web anymore is a lot harder than it once was.

And with that, I think I've hit all the things I normally hit or say in LJ entries anymore. ;-)
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I just don't have as much to say on Livejournal as once I did. Kind of amazing, actually.

School is taking up a lot of my time...this semester, I've got 3 400 level classes, and a Stats class. This one is more like theory of stats, so hopefully I'll do better on it. The other is hospitality Law...another is Global Tourism, and the last is on Australia.

I've got less than a year left, and loans are starting to loom...frightening close.

I'm watching some insanity with some local groups, and dealing with a cat that doesn't want to hit her litter box. That last is driving me crazy. Floor, and corner of my couch is...gah. We've gone to cleaning her box every day, and recently I cleaned the entire box (like, cleaned it all), and she still prefers to hit my couch. Grrrr.

Add in that I found out the other day that a guy I'd been friends with in Elementary and Middle School killed himself (We'd had a massive falling out in HS...long story/trauma), and that how/why he'd done it was due to his wife wanting a divorce. There is more to the story, I'm sure...such as the fact that he was one of the most selfish sons-a-bitches I ever met, and the suicide strikes me as similar. Add in that I see people fighting shitty situations, and still mustering through...still fighting, and I get a little...irked? At the idea that someone takes the easy way out. Never minding the chaos they sow in their families. I'm trying to think if if know anyone who isn't having a rough time right now...from concerns over jobs, and how to pay the bills, and lack of communication, to actual physical problems, to great concerns over family...

I'm also trying to get the apartment clean...I'm not sure we've had it "GREAT" since we moved in..and after our leech was kicked out, we've kinda done the "small potshots" at cleaning. That is one of my get the apt. cleaned...and I'm noticing a few things I need to do to get it that way. So, am trying to schedule time in to do that.

In addition, just found out about auditions for a local fan-film that will be held in a few going to try for a speaking part in that. I see one that pulls at me, so at the very least will give it a try. It's been quite a while since I was in front of a camera...that might help with a little of the restlessness I've been feeling. That awkward feeling that you are on top of a jenga tower, and if someone pulls the wrong brick, you're falling. Doesn't help that I'm paying attention to what is going on with friends, and am noting that there is a lot of "wrong" in lives right now...and that I wish there were a lot more I could do to help. I feel quite trapped in what is going on around me right now...and the only way I've seen to remove that trap is to start looking at the overall, and seeing what chunks of things I can control, and affect. And to work on those. I'll hope that things slide to a point where I can help...and if not, will just hope the best for friends in the line of fire.

Will try to make my next update sooner, rather than later. :-)
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To all my friends, all my family. Whether I see you regularly, or just interact with you here, I hope the day is wonderful, filled with good friends and good moments.

I am getting ready to head down to family...and make Scotch Eggs as my donation. Now let's see if these come off well. Then rest tomorrow (even though Star Trek is showing for free at the SBI convention), and then Saturday, light stress..and go over to see friends at SBI that evening.

Have a great day!
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To Mooncat75. I hope things are going well, and that you had a wonderful day, followed by a wonderful week. :-)
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For anyone who may have been trying to e-mail me, my havencomm address is not functioning currently (and hasn't since Sunday). I've got my backup e-mail addresses, but that is where a few lists go to.

Ok, back to descriptions for stats. Whee.
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Things have been rough.

Stats is insane this semester...will be happy if I pass. Then again, if I don't pass, I really WILL be in school til the end of next year.

Money is rough...Crys gets her first check this week, and then it's trying to catch up, and pay folks back. The timing is good, as we are really close to running out of money this week. An emergency loan from parents will hopefully limp us to the finish line. Though, I did just put gas in the car, and need to pull cash out so I can get out of the parking garages this week. Although, I may just park in the garage that takes cards...that'd probably help me today.

I'm trying to keep up with LJ, but classes are priority. Right now, Speech and the others are going well..the one sticking point is Stats. Am doing what I can to learn it, while wishing there were an affordable alternative/supplement so that I could learn it online. When it comes to things like that, I do better via repetition online. No, I don't quite understand that part of my learning style...but, I know it helps.

So, yeah...worries on money, worries on school..and even a few worries on the plan to rule the universe...which will be, hopefully, shortly after school.

Hope things are going well for all of you. I AM still reading, I'm just not responding to much of anything.
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Some days, you just know from the start that it is going to be a rough day.

It can be the "UGH" feeling in your can be a bunch of things.

I'll go into detail later, but we've had quite a bit of stuff going on in our lives the last 2 months...and I'm ready for a break. Feeling BLAH today, so am doing a little homework, and taking it easy.
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Though we fought, and really made each others' lives interesting when we were kids, I cannot picture my life without my sister. She turns 29 (again) today. :-)

Sis, you've always been approachable, and always had a different outlook than I, but that has helped a lot. I hope you have a wonderful day, and are able to take it easy a little bit.

Happy Birthday! :-)
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Because it echoes mine...were it not for Bullshit!, I'd have never heard of this man, and the work he did to help the world.


Norman Borlaug Dead

DALLAS — Scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug rose from his childhood on an Iowa farm to develop a type of wheat that helped feed the world, fostering a movement that is credited with saving up to 1 billion people from starvation.

Borlaug, 95, died Saturday from complications of cancer at his Dallas home, said Kathleen Phillips, a spokesman for Texas A&M University where Borlaug was a distinguished professor.

"Norman E. Borlaug saved more lives than any man in human history," said Josette Sheeran, executive director of the U.N. World Food Program. "His heart was as big as his brilliant mind, but it was his passion and compassion that moved the world."

He was known as the father of the "green revolution," which transformed agriculture through high-yield crop varieties and other innovations, helping to more than double world food production between 1960 and 1990. Many experts credit the green revolution with averting global famine during the second half of the 20th century and saving perhaps 1 billion lives.

"He has probably done more and is known by fewer people than anybody that has done that much," said Dr. Ed Runge, retired head of Texas A&M University's Department of Soil and Crop Sciences and a close friend who persuaded Borlaug teach at the school. "He made the world a better place – a much better place."

Heck... the only reason I'd ever heard of him is because Penn & Teller talked about him when discussing real heroes on an episode of their show "Bullshit." I'm glad I caught it and knew about Borlaug's work before he passed... because what he did and accomplished for so many was just incredible to behold.



Penn Jilette actually called Borlaug a real hero...and that's pretty damned awesome in my book.

Thanks Syreene. And thanks Filkertom for making me first aware of Borlaug's passing.
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