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2017-04-23 07:59 pm

First post in forever.

Not a lot to see here....but we shall see how having an active journal again goes. :-)

Will try to collect thoughts and put up here.
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2011-05-26 11:31 am

First entry on Dreamwidth.

This shall be very interesting...let's hope DW has more of a soul than LJ has been seeming to have for a while. But, LJ's loss is DW's gain. ;-)
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2011-05-06 03:36 pm


For those who haven't seen the news elsewhere, as of today, I have found out that I am indeed a college graduate.

For our capstone, we pulled in a B...which means..we had to do VERY well on our final paper. I'm curious to go take a look at it and see how it shook out.

Now for job hunting, trying to have enough cash for survival for a bit..would LOVE to go out to dinner tonight, but that may not be in the cards. But, soon... :-)
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2011-04-15 12:52 am

24 hours of silence.

Realizing that it's primarily for students, to symbolize the bullying that happens to LGBT students, I have decided to be silent for 24 hours.

I know, for many the thought of me being silent is not able to be thought of. I'm a loud, boisterous person a bit of the time..and always talking.

So, choosing to be silent for an entire 24 hour period is..different.

It's already been interesting as Crys and I try to understand each other (or, rather, as she tries to understand me), and, I'm, why?

Well, between having many friends who are Bi, Transgender, Lesbian, and all manner of sexualities and beliefs, and add in the fact that though I wasn't physically bullied in school, I dealt with a share of psychological, and you have me...who really doesn't understand why as much bullying goes on as it does. And a firm belief that I don't have to agree with anything that anyone does, but I also don't have the right to tell others how to live their lives. As much as I want to be respected, I have to be willing to respect others, or at least their decisions on how to live their lives.

So, it's been almost an hour, and I've been quiet. Interestingly enough, this hour has gone by quickly. Here's to the next 23. Lots of stuff to work on for school'll be a busy day.
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2011-03-31 10:07 am

(no subject)

This is the link to Crystal's album. It is, as of this moment, 6 days from being funded. The target has been hit, so one way or another, the CD will be produced.

This is a very cool and happy thing to have going on.

However, 6 days means a little more that can go into getting this a little more funded. Every little bit helps make the project a little better...right now, if that number were to go up by $300, she'd be able to get a better guitar. The one she has will...suffice for this CD, but it's showing age, and she had to put a bolt back onto it the other day, as it started falling apart.

ALL the money from kickstarter is going to this CD. None of it is actually going to our bills, or anything like that.

And, I'm a little tired. I've been trying to help Crys market the thing..and get the kickstarter word out there, but unfortunately, Marketing was one of my weakest areas in college. And that's another that curtails my ability to help/market this project...I'm in my LAST semester of college. After this one, unless we horribly screw up our final project, we are graduates (My teammates in the capstone class, that is). So, my time to brainstorm and try to be creative and helpful has been near-non-existent.

So, if you have time in the next 6 days to help us get the word out...I'd LOVE to see Crys get the new guitar from this..but, if that is something that has to wait until she sells the first batch of CDs, then so be it. The CD will exist, people WILL enjoy it (I'm certain of that), and she'll be several steps forward of where she is now.

If you've donated, Thanks! Very much. If you've boosted the signal to get the word out to those who could donate...I thank you, too. It's come a long ways since she started the project...and the updates to Kickstarter, and seeing that number of donations increasing...that has been great for morale.

It's almost to the next stage..and that will be a lot of fun to see. :-)
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2011-02-21 06:12 pm

Bible Verses.

In checking out a few of the choice Bible verses that people use to justify being against homosexuality, it occurred to me..

All these verses say Men with men...there's nothing in there about women with women.

So, I guess men will go to hell, and Lesbians aren't a part of the equation.

Unless I'm reading those lines wrong, or I am reading from a redacted/edited bible. Always possible, I suppose...
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2011-02-18 02:40 pm

(no subject)

You are the Creator

50% Innocent, 42% Orphan, 58% Warrior, 67% Caregiver, 71% Seeker, 79% Lover, 58% Destroyer, 83% Creator, 48% Magician, 79% Ruler, 83% Sage and 71% Fool!

Goal: Identity

Fear: Inauthenticity

Response to Dragon/Problem: Claim it as part of the self

Task: self-creation, self-acceptance

Gift: Individuality, vocation

Addictions: Work, creativity

The Creator is the center of improvement, always striving to create and better her/his surroundings. The Soul is the center of the Creator’s dance, and it seeks to find a deeper sense of self and wisdom even at the price of the Ego’s functions of keeping us healthy and functioning. The Soul is the source of our freewill, and the healthy creator can tap into the potential, creating circumstances while others feel acted upon by her/his actions.

The Creator is driven to be authentic despite the costs. Creators are threatening to Warriors and Seekers, who are very concerned with how things are ‘supposed’ to be.

Shadow Creator:

The Shadow creator creates without any sense of responsibility for what s/he is making. The Shadow Creator often will deny his/her responsibility in events. Most often, the Creator is shunned by the community, and a Shadow Creator seeks to create to disturb the community from which s/he is shunned. If a creation comes out badly, a Shadow Creator will blame circumstances.
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2011-02-15 07:11 pm

Idiotic stupid motherfuckers.|topnews|text|


Am tempted to pull a Spider Jerusalem move, and just copy and paste the word fuck over 1000 times.

IF you believe that gays are an abomination, and aren't equal...and should not have the same rights as anyone else, do not deserve to be happy, and that you need to legislate your morality onto them, need to go to a book that was written by a man, and use that as a source to beat others up, when you don't even follow all the rules and laws in your book...

Then please. Unfriend now.

Edit: The ONLY thing that puts a small silver lining is that if I remember correctly, this still has to pass yet another hoop..HOPEFULLY, this state will have been smart enough to vote THESE idiots out.

And if not, I'll be looking for a more tolerant state..and be very thankful that Indiana gave a bit of money to me, so I could educate myself here, and then move to a better state.

Brain Drain, indeed.
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2011-02-12 11:00 pm

Kickstarter could be dangerous for me...

First, there's this project that I hope gets enough donations to happen.

Kickstarter page to help Crys get her first album done. Very awesome. I really hope she can do this.

THEN, there's this..

Argh...want to justify, cannot justify. If I thought I could spare the money for the book itself (Without all the bells and whistles), I'd rather put that $55 to the project above. :-) Kickstarter is the only way to get that one..urgh..hate dilemmas.


*sigh* Yet another game I'd love to get...primarily, as I love evil genius, love the artists involved (He does a fair bit of coloring for Girl Genius)...

I can Haz Powrball?
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2011-02-05 12:10 pm

It feels all weird when I try to be selfless...(Otherwise known as Boosting the Signal)

Ok, so that may not usually be the case. I try to help anyone and everyone I can. I always have..but, as a friend and I used to argue about, I know or have a tendency to know, where and when my limit on being able to help is.

This is not one of those "bad" cases.

See, I'm trying to help Crys. After years of a system that tends to beat us down, and cause us to not believe that we can achieve dreams and goals, she has finally broken out of some of that..and is attempting to put together a CD.

Using Kickstarter (A site to raise donations for projects and such..quite ingenious, and I've bookmarked them for future use), she has put up what she needs, monetarily, to get this project going.

She started it a month ago...and the total is $500.

A few days ago, the project hit $265...halfway there, and the project expires on April 6th. She has to have the money in there by then.

If you want, there are links on that page to VERY rough recordings of songs that she is planning on putting on the album. There are differing levels of donation (A very nice touch), that receive different signed copies, copy of the CD...

If anyone can donate, then thank you. Even a dollar...all is appreciated, all leads toward the goal.

HOWEVER, another wonderful thing that can be done...if, like others, times are rough financially, and you can't justify putting in a whole lot...if you can help us find a way to spread the word. I've been posting on Facebook...and this is my first attempt to post here. We are trying to make this go viral in a sense...and you never know who on your friends page might go "Ok, you know what? I've got $5, and this is a good cause". So, money is good...but getting the word out is just as important.

I may post a few updates about this, but I promise not to spam my friends list with it. :-)

Again, the site for the project is

And thank you for reading this. :-)
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2011-02-02 04:34 pm

For those unaware...

And, because it'll help stop a series of questions. :-)

Crys and I are NOT getting married until everyone we know can.

Yes, we are supporting our LGBT friends. Everyone always speaks of the "right" to get married...and, as said previously, it's not a right if someone can deny it to you, for whatever reason.

If that means, in our lifetime, that we never get married, then we'll never get married. Given that Indiana is trying to pass legislation right now that defines marriage as between a man and a woman, and even goes so far as to....well, screw it. Here's a copy of the legislation..

Joint Resolution 0013
Definition of marriage. Provides that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Indiana. Provides that a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized. This proposed amendment has not been previously agreed to by a general assembly.

Um, no. Fuck that.
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2011-02-01 01:41 pm

Not snowpacalypse...

But, there's a HELL of a lot of ice out there right now.

IUPUI cancelled...on the day that my team and I were supposed to meet to go over our presentation tomorrow.

Hrm...this means that we go in super-early, missing a person, to practice tomorrow..and present at 1:30. I'm not sure any of us are looking forward to that..

Of course, if it closes tomorrow, we present a week from tomorrow. And then present again the monday following, for our Marketing segment.

Ugh..just ugh.

And I still, even scared, feel better than I did about my previous team.

Dunno what will happen with the LGBT meeting I was supposed to go to Thursday...all to see what the school is doing about Chick-Fil-A...if anything. They may do nothing. With IUSB having ejected theirs, though, I'm not sure..still, will be recording it, just to be safe. :)

Hope you all are faring well in the ice and cold.
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2011-01-28 06:23 pm


Forgot to add. No longer eating at one of my favorite restaurants...

Hadn't in quite a while, as this news has been building for a bit, but with Chick-Fil-A's contributions to Focus on the Family, I am no longer comfortable allowing any of my money to go to such a group.

I know that there will be calls of "But, that's up to individual franchises..", which may or may not be fair.

But, with a company that closes on Sunday due to its owners feelings on the Bible (again, no complaint there...he can do as he wishes), it's no surprise that they use their money to donate to groups that have decided that a group of society shouldn't have fair and equal rights.

HOWEVER, just as it is their or his right to do with his money what he wants, to support the causes he feels he "Must", it is mine to do similar. AND, to make sure that others are aware. That they understand that I'm not making a decision quickly, but have reasoned it out, and made the decision that best suites me. And will gather more information at it comes in.

This...this position of putting a group of people down...this is the main reason I have against marriage in any form right now. If ANY friends of mine cannot be married, then why should I have that "privilege". I mean, yes, Marriage is SUPPOSED to be a "RIGHT", but if we can deny it to a group, ON RELIGIOUS GROUNDS, then it's not a right, it's a privilege. No different than when, WAY back when, "Blacks" and "Whites" shouldn't have been able to be married. Thank PLG (Or FSM, or Loki, or whomever) that we grew up out of that one...

And, now that I know this about one of my favorite places for breakfast, I can no longer support that.

I'll miss the breakfasts...but I enjoy my conscience and peace of mind more.

I mean, what the hell...we have to find some reason, ANY reason, to ostracize and belittle those we don't understand? Why? And why is understanding a big deal? Seriously, people find what works for any sense of the word. For some, religion provides a path to better understanding of people, and some guidelines on how to live their life. Awesome. For others, they get it from books...I know some who feel that the religious dictates in Stranger in a Strange Land are the closest to Deity they can find. Again, they find something that works with a core piece of their being. AWESOME. For others, snippets from movies, or music, do similar (Listen to me for 10 minutes on ANY bit of my shared theology from Dr. Who, or Star Wars, Starman, Star Trek). Again, AWESOME. MOST of those, most of the good, and successful ones, have a tenet of respect for what others believe (EVEN if you don't agree with it, or ESPECIALLY if you don't agree with it) and "Harm none". Which, interestingly, strikes back to another belief system that most don't want to talk about...

Now...what will be even more interesting...there is a Chick-Fil-A in the campus center of my school. A school that promotes diversity, and HAS an LGBT chapter....I sent an e-mail to the head of that chapter, and was told that there is going to be a meeting to look over the contracts, and look at CFA's social contribution...and was asked if I was interested in being at that meeting.

I'll be going. Dunno if any good will come of it (The activist in me is WAY too jaded after years of seeing people find new creative ways to fuck each other over), but I will be there.

And, I'll be recording it, via audio at least. :-) Spider Jerusalem taught me many things.

So, yeah...Who'd have thought that, in my final year as an actual "Non-Traditional" student, that I'd have found something that is always spoken of in regards to traditional students..that of student activism. I'm broke, and have no real hope that I can make a change, and find myself fighting paralyzing fear in regards to my future...but, as I said elsewhere..I can certainly, with my years of wisdom, point a spotlight to those who WILL make a change..even if it takes time. I can think of many worse ways to spend my time.
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2011-01-28 03:52 pm

Ah, yay, week.

We have a location for our Frozen Yogurt "Business" we are developing for our final class project. This is the start...7 presentations in the future, we'll be done. I'm thinking of having a calendar of some sort, listing a countdown from 7 for it...that way I know when we've hit the halfway mark, and just how many presentations I am closer to graduation.

Right now, Crys is sick, and I'm...coughing and sneezing. Doesn't feel as bad as the worst "Captain Trips" episode I've had, but I'm starting to feel it. Made a pact with myself...if I can make it through the end of class next Wednesday, I can give myself a day or so to be SICK. Strangely, this has worked's not optimal, as it seems like it takes PURE REST after such an effort, but such is life...I can only miss 3 classes this semester and I already missed one a week and a half ago, due to snow and ill.

Of course, I can't even think "Sick" without hearing the old Bob and Tom routine on being sick..."Is that sick enough for you??"


Ok...think I'm going to take a nap for a bit, then wake up and work on my paper some more. Thought I should check in here.
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2011-01-23 08:59 pm

Miss a Day....Miss what now?


This has been a more relaxed weekend for me. Have been house/kid-sitting for friends. The kids are wonderful, and pretty much take care of themselves. So, it's been a bit of organizing bookmarks on my thumb drive, watching some movies (Including Scott Pilgrim, a favorite now), writing a mission statement and vision statement for my class...took a quiz for another class...

Am taking four classes this semester, but only ONE is the high-ranking priority. One class to pass and I have my degree...

Out of the other is History of Rock and Roll in the 70s and 80s (I think Angrykoala recommended that one a few years ago, but cannot remember...), another is Music in Film, and then another TCEM class.

I hate to think such, but I do not care if I pass the three classes...I'd like to, and will do what I can to survive Rock in the 70s and 80s, that comes down to knowing a LOT of music from that period of time..and being able to identify 30 second snippets of those songs. I've got all the songs (six folders worth for 1st exam, and six for the 2nd), and have been playing and trying to get as many of those down as possible. Fortunately, I already know a lot of them...when going through the Pink Floyd ones, I was able to identify in 3 seconds on each. ;-) For Music for Film, it's watching movies, and identifying main themes for characters, shifts in tone and such. AND, rescore part of a movie clip with other music. Fortunately, I've got a LOT of options for that, once I find out what the clip is...hope to do that soon, so I can get it out of the way.

Am going to look for interesting memes...but, the brain power required to keep up with such right now seems a little much. :-) After...almost 5 full years of school, my desire to get out, earn the degree, and get back to real life is great. I'm tired, oh so tired of school now. But, at least I'm almost there.

Not to say, or think, that life will be easier when I get'll be as it always is, moments of great, and times of pure "Suck!". As school has been, even. But, I'll have the degree, I'll have several directions to be taking my life...paying back the loans will be rough, but surviving the last few years has been a good thing.

So, here's to survival...and kicking the hell out of whatever bad, or whatever, that life throws at us. :-)
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2011-01-21 08:34 pm

Return of the post..

So, after a long hiatus, I'm working on posting a little more frequently than once a quarter. :-)

Am working on a mission statement and vision statement, and list of competitors, for my 499 class.

As a friend mentioned in my previous post, I hadn't really stated what happened last semester...well, in some respects, I took the cowards way out, and dropped my team. Wasn't optimal, but I still think it was the best decision...especially considering I developed a Bell's Palsy later last semester (It went away after a few weeks, now I'm paying the hospital

So, classes ARE going well this semester.

This weekend, I'm House/Kid sitting for friends. All is good and well on that front.

Am a tad bit tired...playing FFIV on the Nintendo DS, reading through my school text...been listening to lectures about Music in Film. Not a whole lot more than that.

A friend had to put her cat down today...much like a friends dog not too long ago, I find myself rather sad about that. Part of why I've not wanted a pet in a long time (Well, that and bad stuff that happened to my previous cat, as I left him with others who were going to take care of him...didn't end well), but will admit I have two cats now. Both are wonderful, but I know I'll lose them eventually. Tis life.

Might go Meme hunting later (and, was wanting to replace that first e with an I...Mime Hunt!), to see if any of that kickstarts me into posting.

All I've got at this moment. Back to reading.
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2011-01-20 05:12 pm

Casey Kasem - return of the post.

So, in looking back...has it really been since September 20th that I posted?

Considering I used to post at least once if not twice a day (or more)...

Ok. Fair enough. I'll still try to update more regularly than that, but will admit that between real life, and school, and my fairy tale lives, I haven't felt like I had much to say.

I mean, I could talk about how rough some things are...but, things are always going to be some level of "rough".

I could talk about school...but, right now, I'm much more focused on getting through the last semester, than in sitting down and trying to put a coherent thought together...

After all, those coherent thoughts need to be saved for the business plan that I'm putting together with a team this semester. No, not for a "real" business, but it has to look, smell, and walk like a plan that someone could put into action tomorrow.

Wanted to go with an idea I've had for a bit, but unfortunately, there are a few steps to that one that I cannot do in a quick amount of time. That's at least years down the line...

So, am taking 4 classes this semester. One I MUST pass (499 - Capstone class), and 3 "for fun". 2 of those are music classes...Music for Film, and History of Rock and Roll in the 70s and 80s. Both of those are going to be pretty decent classes. I'll do what I can to enjoy them, but they are..way far down on the priority list.

Good news...I believe (though have no confirmation yet) that I made the Dean's list again last semester. 3.5 GPA...Hopefully, if I don't tank on the low-priority classes this semester, I'll walk out with a 3.0 GPA...fairly nifty.

TV...been watching Arrested Development again. Lots of fun..makes me look forward to the movie next year. Torchwood will come out again, eventually, but I don't know if I can stomach watching it again...I probably will, after all, Joss Whedon got to rip my heart out and stomp on it repeatedly, so why not RTD while we're at it?

I get to see and hang out with friends, occasionally, but not as much as I used to. That used to make me sad, or nostalgic, but most of them understand that all of us have been very busy. Doesn't mean I don't miss people, or wish that life could slow down a little more so we could hang out some, but fortunately, I've got understanding friends. Everyone's lives have changed, shifted and been what life normally is. It's hard to get used to life in one configuration (*heh*, now I've got Chris Tucker's voice talking about wanting ALL positions in my head), as things keep changing. And we adapt as best we can.

Anyways, that's where I'm at in this moment of time. I'm not going to promise daily updates, yet, but will try to be around. feels like if I'm on LJ, I should be saying something more substantial than what I'd put on FaceBook, or on a tweet...and even this post has taken me a while to figure out just what to say, and how to say it. Maybe I should do what others have done...find a few substantial memes, and go with those, to help the process along. It's a thought.

I hope you all are well. I'm still here, still surviving. And really am thinking of a lot of people that I hope are finding good times amidst some of the chaos that's out there.

Take care. :-)
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2010-08-02 03:41 pm

Long time in updating.

It's been a little bit, I know.

School is coming along..I THINK that after this latest class, my GPA will be 3.0. I've been trying, and that works. Also, I'm now 5 months away from being out of school. That is almost panic inducing, but I'm laying down some foundations to move forward and get where I wish to be.

Gencon is in a few days, and that will be busy. In addition to helping Smirk and Dagger, I've also got a meeting set up with the CEO of Gencon, and will see what comes of that. Extremely hopeful.

Crystal shot the photos at a wedding this weekend, and I was backup..and it was a lot of fun. Legs still ache from all the running I was doing. Whee.

Just under $400, to last about 2 weeks..and Gencon is this week. Not so cool.

AND, one of my front teeth has developed a the back. *sigh* I have no money to get it fixed. I'm currently waiting on a call from IUPUI school of dentistry, to see what their "low prices" are, and if/how they can work with me. The hole isn't gigantic, but I can feel it quite clearly with my tongue..and think I piece flipped out while I was flossing recently.

All in all, things are progressing...but, I still wouldn't begrudge a powerball win, either. :-) Here's hoping things come together quickly.
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2010-07-05 11:44 pm

InCon weekend.

InConJunction weekend has passed, once again.

It was a great time, with a lot of running done by yours truly (and I had assistants, too), but more coherent thought on the weekend is still not with me. It may be, soon, but I've made a new friend here, thanks to the weekend (Welcome Tollers), and a lot is going very well.

Bought a few things, including a cd by Destini Beard, and got the new Wild Mercy album (Which is Awesome).

I'll update with more later this week. Right now, I'm ahead in my the degree that I don't have to do anything til the last week of summer session. MAY go ahead and try to knock that paper out, just so I'm completely done with summer, but am awaiting feedback on my first paper, so I know how to tailor the next.
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2010-06-26 11:58 am

Where has he been?

On Facebook. For some reason, the quick updates are better for my life right now.

As of today, I'm .013 from having a 3.0 GPA in college. Two classes, early in my academic career, screwed me up for a while, but my goal was to leave with a 3.0.

School is continuing to get busier and busier...and I've been busting my ass to work ahead in my summer that, at some point, I could have a bit of relaxing during the summer. Money is still tight (Just hit the under $1000 mark), and no money hits my account until 8/13. I think I can coast a little, but may need to ask for favors again. Hopefully, not as much as the last few years when that period between semester end and begin happens.

Resume has been tweaked, cover letter has been tweaked so that I can modify it as needed for several jobs. Need to do some research and start that ball rolling.

Other than that..not a lot. I've got my head down, and am ready to plow through the last bit of school...

So, I'm still around...still having a lot of fun, through terrifying times, but :-)