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This has been a more relaxed weekend for me. Have been house/kid-sitting for friends. The kids are wonderful, and pretty much take care of themselves. So, it's been a bit of organizing bookmarks on my thumb drive, watching some movies (Including Scott Pilgrim, a favorite now), writing a mission statement and vision statement for my class...took a quiz for another class...

Am taking four classes this semester, but only ONE is the high-ranking priority. One class to pass and I have my degree...

Out of the other is History of Rock and Roll in the 70s and 80s (I think Angrykoala recommended that one a few years ago, but cannot remember...), another is Music in Film, and then another TCEM class.

I hate to think such, but I do not care if I pass the three classes...I'd like to, and will do what I can to survive Rock in the 70s and 80s, that comes down to knowing a LOT of music from that period of time..and being able to identify 30 second snippets of those songs. I've got all the songs (six folders worth for 1st exam, and six for the 2nd), and have been playing and trying to get as many of those down as possible. Fortunately, I already know a lot of them...when going through the Pink Floyd ones, I was able to identify in 3 seconds on each. ;-) For Music for Film, it's watching movies, and identifying main themes for characters, shifts in tone and such. AND, rescore part of a movie clip with other music. Fortunately, I've got a LOT of options for that, once I find out what the clip is...hope to do that soon, so I can get it out of the way.

Am going to look for interesting memes...but, the brain power required to keep up with such right now seems a little much. :-) After...almost 5 full years of school, my desire to get out, earn the degree, and get back to real life is great. I'm tired, oh so tired of school now. But, at least I'm almost there.

Not to say, or think, that life will be easier when I get'll be as it always is, moments of great, and times of pure "Suck!". As school has been, even. But, I'll have the degree, I'll have several directions to be taking my life...paying back the loans will be rough, but surviving the last few years has been a good thing.

So, here's to survival...and kicking the hell out of whatever bad, or whatever, that life throws at us. :-)
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