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So, I went out to help with a deck, we got lots of things done, when we noticed it was quiet..REALLY quiet around. Quickly, we noticed several cars speeding along.

I received a phone call then, that said the event we'd all been dreading had happened. Checking quickly, I realized that no one had the "Zombie Survival Guide". Feh...I'd been meaning to pick that up. Perhaps the next time I'd gone to Borders, but that wasn't going to help now.

Being ignorant wasn't going to get us out of this scrape. I grabbed a pickaxe, threw it into the car, and drove to Borders, wondering just how bad this would get. I was fortunate not to pass any cemeteries, but I saw many shambling zombies as I drove along.

Finally arriving at Borders, I noticed the windows already shattered. My hopes dimmed, as I went inside. Books were everywhere.

"Ok," I thought to myself, "It's not should be fiction, maybe horror".

A quick perusal of the shelves confirmed my worst thoughts. There was a whole section where the book should have been, but upon the shelves were nothing. On my way out, I grabbed a couple of DVDs I'd been wanting. In theory, this would be over in a few days, and I may as well treat myself while out.

I heard a groaning from behind the counter, back where the DVDs are held. I stood still, as if that would save my butt.

No, it started to rise up. I reached for my pickaxe, realizing just as quickly that I'd left it in the car.

"Screw this," I thought, and ran for the open window. I heard voices as I fumbled in my pocket for my keys. I should have just left them in the car, with the car running. It's not like a zombie is going to drive my car away. From the report earlier, these were more like Romero Zombies, and not Boyle zombies, and for that, I was happy.

The tires squealed as I left the parking lot. I got a few blocks away, when I noticed the highway was blocked. Thinking quickly, I turned onto a side street, and took only the back roads home. I passed a few burning houses, but eventually, made it home. I tried to call people, to warn them, but the phone wouldn't connect anywhere.

And here I am, in my home, hearing gunshots, with the lights out, and just this dim monitor on, turned away from the windows. The pickaxe is still near me, though I should have thought to find a gun. It will probably be safer to hole up in the attic. The door folds into the ceiling, and I'd like to meet the zombie that can actually get up there. Will grab a broom, first, in order to get rid of cobwebs, then some blankets, and a few books. I think I'll finish "Mort" tonight, while up there.

Everyone stay safe, and remember, the only good zombie is a dead one..well, a twice dead one, and, guns are better than any close combat weapon. The Han Solo strategy comes best when dealing with Zombies.
Will try to check in the morning, assuming that all this will be over by then. I'll just hope that any cleanup crews don't assume I'm one of the undead.

That was always the suckiest part of that movie, to me. And wow, I never thought this userpic would be as appropriate as it is now.


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