Jan. 19th, 2004 09:33 am
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Well, today is a fun day at work..apparently, a boiler went out, blew, whatever technical term...and, it's Cold here...Several people are wearing jackets...all of a sudden, I'm glad I'm wearing a thicker sweater/shirt.

The weekend was good...watched Firefly at Savidya's with a few others, and that was fun...starting feeling ill there, tho, and having an allergic reaction...came home, and was out of it a good portion of yesterday.

In all, a rather boring Sunday...watched "28 Days", and played a game.

I think I've bemoaned that the computer I have currently won't play any of my games...well, a few days ago, I found out I was WILL play 1 game...Final Fantasy VIII.

I haven't played this game in a LONG time. I used to be REALLY into the FF games...played the original on Nintendo, had the 2nd one on Super Nintendo, and then, the 3rd one (which was actually like the 6th, but that's a long story) on SNEs...and, the Third one was Awesome. Great Story, great Gameplay, and the kick surprise, really great music.

Final Fantasy 3 was the, was Final Fantasy VII (which, if you think about it, isn't a big surprise, since 3 was the Americanize I said, Long Story). VII was good...had some NEAT concepts, as far as how the magic worked...but, I felt the characters were a little too..."Super Deformed"...that, plus the fact that I can't play the game now...not that I have anything against it, I can't play it because there has never been a patch released to enable it to be played on an XP machine.

Then, I picked up Final Fantasy VIII...this is, in my opinion, by far, the best FF game. Everyone will say that X and X2 are the best FF games out there, because you can play with other people..VIII has a truly awesome story, that is on 4 discs...the characters LOOK real...admitted, the Final Fantasy movie looked more realistic, but VIII is GREAT for a game. Yeah, the characters and situations at times seem a little...teen-oriented..but, if you've grown up with the FF games, that's not a real bad thing. The magic system is VERY nice, with you being able to draw magic and GF (Guardian Forces...think of them as Espers from the 3rd game) from enemies. You ALSO can upgrade your that they look different, are more powerful, and just hell cool to play with.

Yes, I'm a FF junkie...I can only hope for a single player game that is near as cool as FF VIII. And, it's a good way to destress, lose some time, and have a good time with a cool story.

Plus, some of the animation for some of the cut-scenes was awesome...the End of Disc 1...that's all I'm saying. :-)


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