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This is the link to Crystal's album. It is, as of this moment, 6 days from being funded. The target has been hit, so one way or another, the CD will be produced.

This is a very cool and happy thing to have going on.

However, 6 days means a little more that can go into getting this a little more funded. Every little bit helps make the project a little better...right now, if that number were to go up by $300, she'd be able to get a better guitar. The one she has will...suffice for this CD, but it's showing age, and she had to put a bolt back onto it the other day, as it started falling apart.

ALL the money from kickstarter is going to this CD. None of it is actually going to our bills, or anything like that.

And, I'm a little tired. I've been trying to help Crys market the thing..and get the kickstarter word out there, but unfortunately, Marketing was one of my weakest areas in college. And that's another that curtails my ability to help/market this project...I'm in my LAST semester of college. After this one, unless we horribly screw up our final project, we are graduates (My teammates in the capstone class, that is). So, my time to brainstorm and try to be creative and helpful has been near-non-existent.

So, if you have time in the next 6 days to help us get the word out...I'd LOVE to see Crys get the new guitar from this..but, if that is something that has to wait until she sells the first batch of CDs, then so be it. The CD will exist, people WILL enjoy it (I'm certain of that), and she'll be several steps forward of where she is now.

If you've donated, Thanks! Very much. If you've boosted the signal to get the word out to those who could donate...I thank you, too. It's come a long ways since she started the project...and the updates to Kickstarter, and seeing that number of donations increasing...that has been great for morale.

It's almost to the next stage..and that will be a lot of fun to see. :-)


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